Burns: Place the burn under cold water. Use ice ONLY if a small area is burned. Bring the mumu to the vet

-          Bee/Insect bites: Apply ice to reduce swelling. Bring the mumu to the vet

-          Animal bites: Clean bleeding area, apply pressure to reduce bleeding, bring to vet

-          Spider bites: Use cold compress (ice pack) and a pressurised pack to inhibit venom’s spreading

-          Antifreeze poisoning: Induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide. MUST SEE VET!

-          Fish hooks: Best handled by vet. Hook must be cut in order to remove

-          Snake bites: Pack ice around bite. Call the vet quickly, identify snake for anti-venom

-          Car accident: Move dog from roadway with blanket, call the vet

-          Shock: Calm the dog, keep him warm, call the vet

-          Nosebleed: Apply cold compress to the nose: apply pressure to any visible abrasion

-          Bleeding: Press down gently on the bleeding area to stop bleeding. Clean the area with warm, wet cotton balls

-          Heat Stroke: Cool the mumu down with cold water bath, go to the vet

-          Frostbite and Hypothermia: Warm the dog with a warm bath, electric blankets or hot water bottles

-          Abrasions: Clean the cut and wash thoroughly with fresh water; apply antiseptic

REMEMBER an injured dog may attempt to bite a helping hand because they are scared and confused. Always muzzle the dog before trying to help.

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