·        Use nylon as it is light, and does not break when chewed

·         Types of collar:-

      o   Buckle collar: good for everyday use [This is the one used for our mumus]

     o   Choke collar: good for training when they are puppies. 

o   Halter collar: wrap around body, good for small breeds.


·         How tight: must be able to slip one finger under the collar and pull away a little bit

·       The mumus do not have puppy tags as they never go out on their own.They have bells around their collar so that we know where they are and for everyone to be alert when they are around us, e.g. so that we don't knock into them or step on them.



This special pet pendant is specially made by Kechara for pet owners who want their furry family members to be blessed. With Buddha Manjushri on one side of the pendant and a protector string, the pendant provides protection to our beloved mumus, and also bless the mindstream of the mumus for them to attain great wisdom in the future.


·         Please note that we do not use leash on our mumus.


·         Two water bowls
o   One for inside the house in the boys' room
o   One for downstairs - placed outside the house at the entrance of Mumus' Buddha Garden (when the mumus go outside to play); placed inside the house in front of the mumu/ guest toilet when the mumus are downstairs and indoors


·      There are 3 drawers (labelled Mumu Drawer 1, 2, 3) on the ground floor of the Haven (dry kitchen area) where items for the mumus are stored. Most of the smaller items are kept in these drawers.

Drawer 1 (top, far left): Vaccination booklets, all supplements and medicine, digital weighing scale, treats, grooming tools

Drawer 2 (bottom, far left): Chew bones, towels, food processor, e-collar

Drawer 3 (bottom, under the sink): A variety of toys, weighing scales (to check the mumus weight)


Baby gates are installed around the Haven to keep the mumus in a safe environment. It is especially important to keep the baby gates closed at all time so that there is no chance of them wandering out of the house as we cannot bear the risk of them going missing or being hit by a car on the road. Also, bear in mind to never slam the baby gate but close it gently.


At the front door (manual closing, latched)

 At the car porch (auto-swing, no latch)

 At the back entrance in the kitchen (manual, latched)

At the entrance of the boys'/caretakers' room (manual, latched) - this baby gate is closed when the mumus go into the room to sleep, or when there are guests around. During this time, the mumus are contained either in this room or the Mumus' Buddha Garden.

At the entrance of Rinpoche's room (manual, latched) - this baby gate is closed when Rinpoche is asleep or when there are guests in the room.

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