·         General Appearance: strong, active, muscular, almost square (length of body = height at shoulders), alert and enthusiastic

·         Characteristics: good balance, smart

·         Behaviour: alert, intelligent

     Head: strong, powerful mouth, black nose

·         Eyes: medium-sized, dark, quite round, bushy eyebrows

·         Ears: neat, V-shaped, set high

·         Mouth: powerful teeth, muscular

·         Neck: quite long, strong

·         Front Legs: look straight from any angle

·         Body: chest quite broad, back strong and straight

·         Back Legs: strong muscles

·         Feet: short, round, dark nails, feet pointing forward,

·         Tail: carried high

·         Movement: free and balanced

·         Coat: rough, short, looks smart

·         Colour

o   Pepper and salt

o   Black

o   Black with silver on eyebrow and muzzle

o   White

Size: Ideal height – 35.6cm / 14 inches (male), 33cm / 13 inches (female)

Ear cropping:  Ear cropping and docking tails began as a way to protect our Miniature Schnauzers from being shredded by rats and such (Schnauzers still make good varmint catchers if we let them). It is also possible to leave them au natural,  where the ears should fold over about in the middle, with the crease slightly above the top of his head. 



·    Small, cute, active with a strong personality

·    Even though small, it is butch and not shy or timid

·    They are busy and always ready for action

·    Has a steady behaviour and is perfect for families or apartment living

·    Good with children and strangers after checking them out first

·    Does not cause a fight but will fight if attacked

·    Intelligent, bright, alert, quick and likes to please

·    Likes to play and is often happy

·    Easy to train if consistent

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