We have a fix routine for the mumus as it encourages discipline.

On a typical day, the 4 mumus will wake up at 11.30 am and play around the room. At 12 pm, they are all fed and then cleaned. After eating they will be let downstairs STRAIGHT to the Mumus' Buddha Garden. Sometimes they are asked to stop at the stairs, while KB opens the door to the Mumu garden, and then they are asked to come down. This is a good training program for them.

They will pee and poo in the Mumus' Buddha Garden usually and let around to play for another 1-2 hours. Rinpoche wants them to get some sunlight. At 2-3 pm, all the glass doors to the Mumus' Buddha Garden will be opened and they can run freely in and out of the house. At 4pm, Yogi will have his meal. They will continue to play around the house. The boys will get the mumus to exercise once a day for 10 - 15 minutes, it can be in the form of running up and down the stairs (3 times) or hide and seek, on top of their running around the house and Mumus' Buddha Garden.

Here are 2 videos of that:

At 8pm, they will all have their meals. If there are guests, the 4 of them will be in the Mumus' Buddha Garden (with closed doors) or kept upstairs in the boys' (caretakers') room. They are usually brought upstairs around 9pm. If there are no guests, they will go back into KB's room around 11pm.

At 12am, they will all have their meals. They will be cleaned and then go to bed in the boys' (caretakers) room on the 1st floor. Yogi has his last meal at 3am upstairs in the room.


In this video, KB demonstrate the correct way of picking up a mumu.

This is the order (of the pack) to pick up the mumus if necessary: Yogi, Zamkar, Dharma, Oser.


To clean and get rid of the stains and smells after a dog urinates, the simplest method is to use a concoction of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. This is good as it does not contain any chemicals harmful to our pet dogs. White vinegar can be replaced with organic enzyme liquid from organic shops as well.

Method: Spray the carpet area that was stained by the urine. Spray the dog urine spot until it is very damp or almost wet. Allow the sprayed carpeting to set for 10 minutes. This gives time for the vinegar to neutralize the odors. After 10 minutes, return to the dog spot. Use paper towels or dry rags to blot completely dry. Spray the carpeting with an odor neutralizer and let it stand for 5 minutes. Set down two dry paper towels over the dog urine spot. Then cover with a paper grocery bag or newspaper. This will protect the carpet from more dog urine if your dog returns to that particular spot on the carpet.


It is good to recite mantras, especially Medicine Buddha mantras and blow on mumus, as animals have a unique connection with Medicine Buddha. Doing so will plant Dharma seeds in their mind streams.

If and when our dogs are about to pass away, what we can do is to hold Pujas for them and release beings to dedicate the merits to them. At time of death, we can also feed our dogs with blessed water and place a mani pill and protector rice in their mouth.

We can also set up Buddha statues in our house where the dogs play, as when the dogs run around the Buddha statue, it will plant Dharma seeds in their minds as well as collect merits. When our pet dogs look at the Buddha statues they will also gain merits. Take note of the placement of Buddha statues as to not danger the lives of the dogs.


A dog's fear of strangers should be handled very carefully. All dogs react differently when they are afraid. One dog may simply cower in a corner in the presence of a stranger while another dog may react by growling or snapping at a stranger. Usually, when guests enter the front door, both Oser and Yogi will start barking. Dharma and Zamkar will follow suit. If a newspaper roll is used to discipline them, all but Dharma will listen.

The guests should not discipline them, instead be friendly or ignore them.

There are several things you can do to ease a dog's fear of strangers:

Never force a dog to accept handling from a stranger. Forcing a dog to face his fears in this manner can result in worsening his fears. If a dog is pushed too far out of his comfort zone and not allowed to get away, he may also resort to biting to escape.

Have some treats on hand for your visitor to gently toss on the floor close to your dog for the duration of his visit. Dharma and Zamkar warms up to people the fastest, it takes some time for Yogi, but he will not bark. It takes the longest for Oser to warm up, however Oser is very easily tempted by treats and a toy.




·         Do throw away toys that are fraying or old

·         Do be consistent and always use the same commands so that they never break from their training

·         Do keep their sleeping place, and pee-pee place separate

·         Do make sure there’s always water available for them to drink (water bowl is placed near the mumus)

·         Do make sure you wipe their feet when they come inside from playing, so they don’t track poo and pee all over the carpets

·         Do make sure that the mumu gate at the front door is always closed and latched so that they don’t escape onto the street 

          and get run over by a car.

·         Do keep Baby Gates/Gates/Doors closed at all times when not in use.



·         Don’t pick up any of the dogs in front of the others as they will get jealous and aggressive, possibility of biting each other 
     too.  (Order: Yogi, Zamkar, Dharma, Oser)

·         Don’t clip their nails without supervision. If you clip too deeply, it will cut one of the blood vessels in their toenail and cause a
     lot of pain


1. Clipping of dogs’ dew claws must be done regularly – is this done by the groomer or by ladrang staff?
This is done by the groomer.

2. Why is it important to groom dogs?
Regular grooming is very important. It keeps your dog clean, healthy and manageable, as well as preventing yeast infections caused by matted hair, periodontal disease caused by uncared for teeth, ear infections from excessive buildup of wax, dirt and bacteria, etc.

3. Any tips for dogs that have a constant bad body odor?
Schedule regular visits with a veterinarian, who can perform complete examinations to detect infections and illnesses that may cause odors.

4. Any tips for dogs with bad breath?
Schedule regular visits with a veterinarian, who can perform complete examinations to detect infections and illnesses that may cause bad breath.

5. Why is it important to have the listed vaccination?
Vaccinations have become commonplace for dogs today, as they can effectively prevent potentially serious canine diseases like distemper, rabies and hepatitis. Not only can regular vaccinations protect your pet's health, they can also keep the human members of your family healthy as well. Some canine illnesses can be transferred to humans.

6. How do we detect that the dogs are under duress/stress?

    The picture below indicates signals there are general "broadcast" of the dog's state of mind showing duress.

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