Born Mar 23, 2004
8 years old
Colour: Salt & Pepper

1 Soft floppy ears.
2 Noticeable less hair. Grey and white in colour.

The oldest and assumes the role of the alpha male of the other 3 mumus, especially Dharma because he’s the youngest. He’s independent and yet very attached to Rinpoche.

He’s the most cooperative dog if you have gained his trust. His trust is earned when you are consistent with your instructions and you are firm when you say "no". The same goes for the other dogs as well. 


Yogi is afraid of thunder and lightning. Hence, when there is such weather condition, please keep Yogi next to you. If he's shaking, please hold him and gently stroke him to calm him down.

Yogi will also get scared by sounds of farting (including his own!), so it is important to assure him that everything's ok. 



Born Feb 28, 2010
2 years old
Colour: White

1 Soft floppy ears
2 Thick white and wavy hair

She’s the only female and refuses to allow any of the other dogs come near her if they want to mate. She’s always on guard and has to fend off the advances of the other 3 males. Hence, she can become aggressive sometimes and her behaviour tends towards male characteristics. 

On her own, she is very playful and endearing. She is very obedient. However, she doesn’t warm easily to people and may not let a new person pick her up.

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