The mumus are groomed once a month. We have a regular groomer who does house calls. Usually, KB will make an appointment with the groomer, and the mumus will be groomed at the car porch at the Ladrang. We usually contact the groomer 3 to 4 days prior to the appointment as she has a tight schedule.

Payment: RM70 per dog
Grooming includes: Trim fur & nail, ear cleaning

After grooming, the boys (KB & Rajendra) will bathe the mumu at the Ladrang before returning to Haven. Grooming is usually done in the afternoon. 

Li Yee
019-399 4567

*The single point of contact is KB, so we do not contact her directly.

Below is a video of the mumus being groomed:


Regular Cleaning

After Eating “clean clean”

    • Wipe mumus mouth, face and paws with a clean wet cloth.Blow dry the mumus' face, followed by combing the face and body. The mumus are also checked for abnormalities (e.g. pimples, growth, skin condition etc) at this time.

    • Brush mumus’ teeth with Orozyme toothpaste (twice a day, at 12pm & 12am, after meals). Use soft-bristle toothbrushes for children to clean the mumus' teeth.

      Here is a video for you to see how it is done:

    Ear Cleaning

    • Clean mumu’s ear every 3 days with cotton buds. When necessary, use cleaning liquid (ideally once a week).
    • Ensure cotton buds are not pushed too far into the ear but deep enough to clean.

                   Cleaning Liquid: Nature Series (Herbal Ear Cleaner) 

o   Be on the lookout for any signs of infection or ear mite infestation

Ear mite infection

o  Check if the mumu has been shaking his/her head and scratching at his/her ears frequently or if ears have an unusual  odour. The groomer, Li Yee, will clean their ears once a month during grooming.

                                       Here is a demonstration of how to clean Yogi's ears: 


It takes around 30 minutes to shower and dry each mumu. Start showering them around 1pm so that the last mumu finishes showering at around 5pm. Do not bathe them in the late afternoon/near evening time in case they catch a cold.

    • Get ready shampoo (Johnson’s Baby Shampoo) and dry towel.

IF they have skin issues, e.g excessive pimples, itchiness, red, dry, rashy and/or irritable skin, use a mixture of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (picture below) and one tablespoon of Malaseb Medicated Shampoo (picture below).

Detailed shower instructions 

- Hold neck, and rinse the body from neck down with warm water 
- Use an almond-sized amount of Johnson's shampoo and scrub all over the body (under the leg joints, the butt)
- Rinse off 
- Repeat if necessary (with malaseb mix)
- Hold dogs ears down over eyes
- Push the head down & forward 
- Rinse the head and neck
- Take a drop of J&J shampoo and wash the face (not touching the nose)
- Wash the mouth area loosening some hairs stuck together
- Always hold the mouth closed
- Hold ears over eyes and tilt head down and forward
- Wash off.
- Wrap mumu with towel and bring them into the room
- Dry with towel then proceed to hairdrying
- Brush and comb after hairdrying

- While showering, it is important to not let water get into the ears of mumu.
- As Malaseb is highly toxis, make sure you do not get Malased near their mouth or eyes.
- After washing, the mumu's will accustomize to each other's new smell. Mumu will show signs of aggressiveness and sexually deprivation. This is a normal condition, however have to be firm with mumu when they are aggressive.
- Singing and praising the mumu's while bathing will be good too to get into their good books. Bathing them must be a good experience for mumu if not it will be harder for them to allow you to wash them again.


You can learn more from the video below where Zamkar is being bathed:


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