Miniature Schnauzers are highly intelligent and each Miniature Schnauzer has its own personality.  Otherwise, we run into situations that the dogs will turn the tables on us and have them control us.

      Examples of such situations are:-

·         Poo or pee in places they shouldn’t.

·         Excessive barking.

·         Won’t let go of things.

·         Getting into trash

·         Jumping on people

·         Demands attention

·         Growling and guarding food

·         Pulling on the leash

·         Aggression toward people or other dogs

·         Struggles, resists, won’t stand still

·         Stealing things

·         Chasing a cat or other small animals

·         Mischievous, gets into trouble

·         When they are jealous of each other


It will take time for a new person to gain mumus’ respect and part of this formula is consistency. Do not give them command if you are new, only after you have gained their trust. So, we must always use the same commands over and over again and when the mumus are disobedient, take a roll of newspaper and hit the ground while firmly telling them, “No!” they should be afraid and just the fear alone will make them fall in line when they see the newspaper the next time. All Ladrang mumus follow the same commands listed below.

Remember, do not hit them with the newspaper, only hit the floor.

Below is a list of general commands:-

Always use the same commands as indicated in the list. Start the command with their name, followed by the command, e.g. for ‘Stay’, say “Oser Stay”. This is so that Oser knows you are referring to her as they are always in a pack.


‘No jump jump’

when any mumu jumps on people

‘No bite bite’

when any mumu licks his/her paw


when you need any mumu to stay put

‘Go Back’

when you need any mumu to stay away

‘Come Here’

when you need any mumu to come to where you are

‘Go Home’

punishment, go to a corner

‘Sleep Sleep’

go to bed

‘Bad Boy’/ 'Bad Girl'

when any mumu is naughty and NOT listening

‘Good Boy’/
‘Good Girl’

when any mumu is behaving well

‘Go Bye Bye’

to let the mumu know when he/she gets to go out!!!

‘Ahm ahm’

to get any mumu to eat

‘Drink drink’

to get any mumu to drink water

‘Pee Pee’

to get any mumu to go pee (you tell them the command and they will follow you while you go to the spot)

‘Poo Poo’

to get any mumu to poo (you tell them the command and they will follow you while you go to the spot)

‘Go clean clean’

to clean Mumu (normally after food)

‘Go See Go See’

to get any mumu to go to the door or go out

‘Play Play’

to get any mumu to play with toys or each other






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